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Short Bodied UH-1 Hueys walks

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1300+ фотографій Хьюи

540 rotor Ft. Rucker storage

Ft Rucker Simulator


Huey armored seat

Huntsville Veterans Museum UH-1M

Jordan Utah NG UH-1M

T-53 engine

UH-1A 58-2091 Ft. Campbell

UH-1A 59-1659 Ft. Rucker storage

UH-1B 60-3554 Ft. rucker display

UH-1B 62-1884 Ft. Rucker storage

UH-1B 62-2010 Ft. Campbell

UH-1B carcass Ft Rucker

UH-1F  65-7959 Warner Robins Museum of Aviation

UH-1F 63-13141 Pima

UH-1L South Central Island Helicopter

UH-1M 64-14185 Redstone Arsenal

UH-1M 65-09430 PIMA Air and Space Museum

UH-1M 65-09446 Ft. Rucker storage

UH-1M 66-0524 White Sands drone

UH-1M 66-0616 White Sands

UH-1M 66-15050 Ozark Military Museum

UH-1M 66-15183

UH-1P 65-7925 Warner Robins Museum of Aviation

XH-40 55-4459 Ft. Rucker storage

фото я залив з диска з валками який придбав кілька років тому у Штатах.

автор валків пише:

The walkaround presented here were all taken by me, Ray Wilhite, unless otherwise noted in the folder headings.  All of these photos are given copyright free.  Feel free to post them with your builds to illustrate points or share them with others as you wish.  My e-mail address is Ultrasauros@hotmail.com. Enjoy!  

   Ray Wilhite (AKA Rotorwash)

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