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Весьма активная нынче польская фирма, и правильный масштаб у нее присутствует :rolleyes:



Since our November news have just hit the stores and the brand new Dora has just been announced it's a good time to reveal two more secret projects that we've been working on - we present the first Cromwell and Centaur kits and first two 3Ro trucks, all 4 in 1/72 scale!

Our plan is to release these 4 together with the 2 first Doras in mid December, unfortunately the situation now is a bit unstable, there are big production and transportation delays and raw material shortages, so we are not able to guarantee this release date, but we'll do our best to get these kits ready on time


258234885_4623231287798479_2333354622058675843_n.thumb.jpg.e58f5176265d2e8bd1c82607656d05b7.jpg 257752444_4623231291131812_6401002522775781432_n.thumb.jpg.fa6e0064fb60fe8057ed8e716f9d3d44.jpg

257852664_4623231271131814_2908162348486696842_n.thumb.jpg.e220a8a04c686f4205efae004c8b8eb1.jpg 257920844_4623231314465143_4922335320819863157_n.thumb.jpg.00b23892803747d386274fd6a14f24d3.jpg

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Форум GreenMats.CLUB, также известный как "Общество владельцев зеленых ковриков", создан группой украинских моделистов осенью 2014 года.

У нас запрещена политика и прочие, не относящиеся к моделизму темы!

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